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Wood, when exposed to sufficient moisture, becomes an attractive food for a variety of fungi. You can’t eliminate the fungi, their spores are always present in the air. To become active, these fungi require moderate temperatures. oxygen and wood with a moisture content of 19% or more. If you think about it, decks on Long Island provide just such an environment almost all year. If any of these conditions are removed the fungi becomes dormat again. Proper board spacing, the use of pressure treated wood and regular applications of sealers all help prolong the life of your deck.

That’s where we come in. BEFORE & AFTER is your area’s finest exterior maintenance company. We use the most powerful power washers along with the best available cleaners to clean your deck and cedar house like new. In addition we use only the best materials such as WOLMANS, FLOOD CWF, THOMPSON WOOD PROTECTOR, CABOT CLEAR, & CABOTS DECKING & SIDING STAINS to preserve, seal or stain your deck or house.

Not all deck owners are created equal. People want different looks for their cedar houses and decks, from natural silver-grey to creative stain treatments. Decks are also subject to very different weather and exposure conditions depending on where you live. With BEFORE & AFTER total deck care you get all the products and service you need for the look and protection that is best for you and your deck. We take the confusion out of exterior finishes. We are experts in clear, semi transparent, semi solid, and solid finishes. We come complete with pamphlets, color charts and samples of all the quality products out in the market today.


You can enhance the color of your exterior wood with stains and sealers. Many stains include a sealer. When wood absorbs moisture, its fibers swell, over time the surface becomes rougher and small cracks are likely to open. This does not usually cause structural problems immediately but fasteners eventually may loosen and the boards tend to develope small cracks. Penetrating sealers will help your wood shed moisture. Some sealers block the sun’s ultra violet rays. To remain effective, decks must be washed and sealers must be applied usually every year or two.

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