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Vinyl houses….          Get Free Estimate Now
..need washing too.Even though they are maintenance free they get dirty. Moss and mold grow an any surface especially in shady areas and on the north sides. Our selection of cleaners and equipment will make your house look new again. We wash it from top to bottom which includes the gutters to the stoops.We soap up the entire house, scrub the gutters and trim and power wash the entire house including the windows.

Cedar Houses
….like decks need regular maintenance and protection from the elements. The wood siding is exposed to sun, rain, hot and cold weather, snow, ice and more. The wood needs to be properly cleaned, treated and protected with a good quality sealer or stain. Before & After is your area’s finest exterior maintenance company. We use the most powerful power washers along with the best available cleaners to clean youe decks and cedar houses like new. In addition we use only the best materials to preserve , seal or stain your deck or cedar house. We take the confusion out of exterior finishes. We are experts in clear, semi transparent, semi solid and solid finishes.

Deck Cleaning and Restoration
Decks – need cleaning and other maintenance at least once a year. Spring is the logical time for that. It is before the winter damage can worsen and before out door entertaining begins. You, your family, and your friends relax, play and party on it. Your deck is a special place and it needs regular maintenance. your exterior wood needs protection from hostile elements such as weather changing from one extreme to the other. Driving rain penetrates into wood surfaces causing it to swell and warp. Freezing temperatures followed by blistering heat, bakes wood dry and leaves it brittle causing cracking and splintering even on the toughest pressure treated wood. Cedar houses also need maintenance and protection from the elements. With a little care your deck can provide years of enjoyment, but there are enemies out there that want to spoil the fun. WATER – enemy number one, can cause warping, splitting & cracking. SUN- accelerates fading of wood’s color and promotes drying. FUNGI- Face it, mold, mildew and algae are unsightly

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